About Us

Build 5 Fabrication is a small, family owned and operated fabrication shop located in North Texas.

We started Build 5 Fabrication after numerous people asked to buy a console that we built for our own Freightliner M2 motorhome at the time- a Jayco Seneca.

Orders continued coming in for our custom consoles and we have slowly expanded and improved the product line over the last several years.

All of our consoles are built from heavy-duty laser-cut steel. The consoles are all proudly fabricated by our own certified welder (my son) right here in the USA.  We coat each console in a very durable, textured coating that will last for years and has a texture that goes well with the motorhome's interior.

We have never spent a single dollar on advertising. 100% of our business comes from happy customers telling other people. It is extremely important to us that everything we do exceeds your expectations.

If there is EVER anything we can do to help, or you are unhappy in any way, or you have any questions we can help answer, please let us know and we will do anything we can to help. 

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