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By request we are now offering a wiring kit. It will include everything needed to safely and correctly wire up your new console. Please note that this is not pre-assembled. 

The wiring instructions included in this kit are for the Freightliner M2 chassis. You can see a good writeup about the install in the new Freightliner S2RV chassis in the link below. The only difference is that the 12v power terminal was moved slightly.

Wiring Kit Option Includes:
  • 4 Circuit Fuse Block With 2 Fuses. 2 used for the console and 2 spare sockets for circuits you might want to add.
  • Inline Main Fuse Holder With Fuse
  • Several Feet Of Heavy Duty Industrial Wire
  • Several Crimp-On Insulated Connectors (not shown)
  • Detailed Instructions

NOTICE: At first the price might seem high for this kit but the cost of all of these small parts adds up quickly. We are buying all of this stuff from a industrial supply house (we don't get any discount) and it is all high quality stuff (3M terminals and name brand wire). The main power wire alone is close to $2 per foot (it is jacketed oil resistant because it is in the engine compartment). We could probably find some of this cheaper if we bought it in bulk or off ebay or something but this is not a high selling item. We are mainly doing this as a convenience to you and, at the end of the day, are not really even making enough money to cover the gas to go get these pieces.

There are 47,000 different ways that you can wire this up. We are providing the parts and instructions to wire this the way we wired up our own console. You can wire this up many other ways and you can wire it up a lot cheaper using cheaper wire and inline fuses from ebay. I, personally, think this kit is the way to go but, if you are on a budget, there are certainly other, cheaper, ways.


I, personally, like to solder and heat shrink all of my connections and we originally intended to offer this kit with those components. However, after communicating with several potential customers it became clear that soldering was just not something that most customers were comfortable with. the crimp option a bad idea? Certainly not! In fact, that is what the Freightliner factory uses. In fact pretty much any vehicle on the road today uses crimped connections instead of soldered. As long as you use a good crimper and good terminals it will easily last our lifetime.

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