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ScanGauge Cutout?
Add Wiring Kit?

Stock Status: Built to order. Allow 5-15 days to ship. CLICK HERE for rush option.

Product Description

The two biggest complaints we had with our motor home was the lack of storage in the cab and the lack of good sound in the cab. Our new console fixes BOTH of those problems! We have taken our very popular center console and have added provisions for two 6.5" speakers (SEE SPEAKER NOTES AT BOTTOM). Adding two speakers in this location DRAMATICALLY improves the sound quality in the cab. The left and right speaker enclosures are each individually sealed and each have their own spring terminal hookup in the back for clean and easy wiring. 

This new center console fits all of the 'Freightliner M2-106, and S2RV based motorhomes and trucks including (but not limited to) the Jayco Seneca, Dynamax Force / Force HD / DX3, Renegade Verona / Valencia and Explorer.

** If you have the optional JBL subwoofer that was available as an option on some of the Dynamax 2020 and newer models you will need to CLICK HERE for our new JBL compatible version. The JBL floor mounted speaker occupies some of the same space that is needed for this console so a special console is needed. 

If you own one of these vehicles then you know there is not much room for things like toll change, cell phones, keys, pens, chap-stick, extra drinks for the road, you name it! We made this console for our own truck and then other people asked us to make extras- so here they are. Now you have a place to store all of your extra stuff!


  • This console is built from welded heavy gauge steel. 100% built in the USA (Shipping weight is appx 38lbs).
  • Laser cut for a perfect fit.
  • Easy access to the coach! Plenty of room for your legs between seat & console.
  • Oversized cupholders are perfect for large drinks or storing things like cell phones or keys.
  • Easy install. No cutting, no welding, no advanced mathematics, no complaining. (It just sets on the floor)
  • Front bottom compartment is perfect for cell phones, toll change, spare keys, pens, etc.
  • Durable and attractive textured black coating. It is a satin finish (non-glossy) and somewhat matches the cab's existing black plastic
  • Cutouts for two 6.5" speakers (not included) * (see notes at bottom)

This Console Includes:

  • Steel Console assembly
  • 2 Oversize Cup Holders
  • 1 12v power port (not wired)
  • 2 USB charging ports (not wired)
  • 1 Plastic change tray
  • Does NOT include the speakers*

So... What is a Scangauge-D? It is a very popular display that plugs into the OBD port on your Freightliner (15 second install). It allows you to monitor things like fuel consumption, fuel range, transmission temperatures, and lots of other really useful data coming out of your truck. 

  • No ScanGauge Cutout This comes with cupholders and charging ports installed (but not wired). There is no cutout for the ScanGauge-D with this option.
  • With ScanGauge Cutout Just as above but includes a pocket for the ScanGauge-D. The ScanGauge-D can be attached using some double sided foam tape (not included). The ScanGauge-D itself is not included.

Optional Wiring Kit - NEW!
By request we are now offering a wiring kit (not assembled). It will include everything needed to safely and correctly wire up your new console's power ports (not the speakers). CLICK HERE for more info.

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Everything on this console is Made in the USA except the power ports & cup holders (we could not find any companies in the USA building those).



* Please keep in mind that the speaker industry has abandoned any kind of universal standards.  You will find "6.5 inch" speakers that measure over 1" in diameter different from each other. The cutout in this console is 5.13" and will fit any of the 6.5" speakers that are still using the original 6.5" specifications. You can also use a dremel to grind out the hole slightly if needed. 


So what speakers do I recommend? It really depends on your budget and how you like your music. Are you adding an amp or using the factory radio's built in amp? The bottom line is almost any name brand 6.5" speaker that you put in the console will drastically improve the sound- even if you don't use an external amplifier. I think the factory speakers were something like a pair of really cheap paper 3.5" in the dash if I remember correctly (Freightliner may have changed this but I'm pretty sure that was what was in mine).

It all really just depends on how MUCH you want to improve the sound. The cab on the Freightliner is a pretty noisy place- especially in the lower frequencies. To help break through that 'engine drone' sound you will typically find that more watts sound better (within reason). The more watts you give your speakers the better control the speaker will have and the better low & midbass sound you will get at higher volume levels. I highly recommend contacting the folks at They can help get you set up with all of the components that you will need and amazing instructions for a super easy DIY install. You can also contact a local audio shop for installation if you would rather not mess with it.

My speaker recommendation- If you are on a budget something like the POLK DB652 will fit nicely and sound good. I, personally, really like the JL Audio C1-650 (grills sold separately) . They are component speakers so you can mount the tweeter on your dash facing you to give you a better listening position (tweeters are more directional where mids and lows can be mounted almost anywhere). They can take a lot of power and have nice full sound. I personally have the Rockford Fosgate T16 but you will really want to use an external amplifier with these. They sound great and the adjustable tweeter is built in and you can aim it directly at the driver and passenger.


A special note from an audio nerd (me): I highly recommend applying some sound deadener like Dynamat to the inside of the speaker enclosure. This peel-and-stick self adhesive material will really help the sound quality of the speakers. The speakers will sound great without it but they will sound 'even more better' with it! :) 


So... I know what you are thinking.... won't a metal speaker box "sound funny"? I have actually been building metal speaker boxes as a hobby for a long time and the short answer is 'not really'. If the material is correctly matched to the box size and to the speaker then it will sound great. This enclosure is small enough and rigid enough that it will sound great. I do, however, recommend that you apply some Dynamat sound deadener like DynaMat to the inside of the speaker compartment of this console to help control any unwanted vibration.

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